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Timber Trusses

Used in homes and commercial applications are remarkably customizable in design, with the ability of adapting to the interior floor plan, and make use of large open spaces. Heavy timber frame truss construction traditionally consisted of large timbers joined together with steel plating with bolts, concealed plating, mortise and tenon wood peg connections and other joinery techniques. Heavy timber trussing advantages include good fire resistance, durability, sustainability, strength, and exceptional aesthetic appeal as an exposed architectural structure.

Roof Trusses

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Material choices vary, from “Solid Sawn”species, Glulams, Reclaimed Timbers and other engineered timber. Historically species utilized in heavy timber trusses are; Douglas Fir-Larch, Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Eastern White Pine, Red Oak, White Oak, Cypress and of older or historic reclaimed timbers. Here at Rio Truss our focus is on the use of Douglas Fir- Larch, Western Red Cedar and Historic Reclaimed Timber.

If designed structurally, no interior wall is needed to hold the shape of the structure, enabling walls to be placed where desired or for no interior walls to be used at all, creating large open expanses for assemblies and entertaining.


Manufactured to specifications in our production plant in McAllen, TX.

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