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Parallam® PSL

Parallam® PSL is a high quality beam manufactured by Weyerhaeuser. PSL stands for Parallel Strand Lumber and it is made from 8' long veneer sheets clipped into ¾” wide strands. These strands are longitudinally oriented; coated with an exterior type structural adhesive; and, densified to a prescribed specification. The billet is cured using microwave technology resulting in a finished billet measuring 11” wide and 19” deep.

Roof Trusses

Combine load capacity with strength-giving support.

Weyerhaeuser produces Parallam® beams are made from Parallam® PSL that open up a whole new world of design options for the interior of a home.

Add strength and reliability to your structure when you use Parallam® PSL beams. The superior strength of Parallam® PSL makes longer spans possible, giving you more design options with open, spacious floor plans.


Some samples of Parallam® PSL by Weyerhaeuser.

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