Glulam at Rio Truss


Glued Laminated Timber, is an engineered timber product manufactured by gluing together smaller pieces of stress graded and seasoned timber typically finger-jointed into continuous lengths - Southern Pine, Douglas Fir-Larch, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Ash, Chestnut, Oak and Spruce are some of the available species.

Roof Trusses

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Prior to gluing, the laminates are dressed to exact and uniform thickness, clamped together under constant pressure until the glue has cured, and before the members are planed, cut to exact size, and can be coated with a water repellent sealant.

Because the glulam is made up of many laminates, the product is extremely stable and wont shrink, crack or shake, and they can be easily treated with decorative finishes. Stronger than solid timber, their strength and performance predictions are very reliable. The manufacturing process also allows for larger and longer members that would otherwise be impossible with traditional solid sawn timber.

Engineers tend to love them as they are very uniform, stable and predictable which suits their structural analysis demands. For this reason, Glulam’s are often used in large scale building projects such as public buildings and commercial venues. They are also well suited for modern, contemporary buildings because exact shapes, curves, radii and specific sections can achieve a very crisp and sharp look. Glulam’s are often referred to as the timber equivalent of steel beams.


Some photos of our manufacturing plant in McAllen, TX.

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