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Floor Trusses

Floor trusses are designed and able to span farther than dimensional lumber, I-Joists and engineered lumber. This reduces the need for interior bearing and provides space for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems within the floor panels. Less cutting reduces jobsite labor and reduces potentially critical errors that could result in compromising the structural integrity of the truss themselves.

Roof Trusses

Quality, integrity and superior strength.

Our custom designed floor truss systems reduce the amount of “bounce” that can be found in conventionally framed floor joist systems. Open-web floor trusses provide superior cantilever distances. Far greater than conventional framing.

Cantilevers can include built-in details such as balcony decking and room overhang. Open-Web floor trusses can support greater concentrated loads to carry bearing walls and roof loads from above. Architects, engineers, builders and contractors know that engineered floor truss ensures quality, integrity, superior strength and economic efficiency into every application.


Some samples of our recent work, manufactured in our production plant in McAllen, TX.

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