Flitch Plate Beams at Rio Truss

Fox Blocks

Fox Blocks ICF provides a superior building method that provides a safe, strong, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, quiet and comfortable structure. FOX BLOCKS offers the latest in “Insulated Concrete Form” (ICF) Technology and ICF Design- manufactured to lower labor and accessory costs.

Reliable and Innovative

Constructing a building that actually performs at a level you envision means achieving a balance between each of the systems that interact with your structure, starting with the basic building envelope. At Fox Blocks, we want to provide you with the most efficient and profitable building envelope available. As a leading manufacturer of “Insulated Concrete Forms” (ICF), we strive to bring the highest building performance to architects, structural engineers, general contractors, builders and owners through an innovative line of ICF products.

Roof Trusses

Safe and Strong

Fox Blocks ICF buildings are safe, strong, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, quiet and comfortable. Our goal is to give you a building envelope that gives superior results when compared to conventional building methods.


An envelope that resists harmful mold, dust and allergens, along with powerful wind, storm and fire damage. Fox Blocks ICF provides a solid and durable protection against the elements like no other, choose Fox Blocks for your next project.


A few examples of ICF applications and implementation.

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